Building Minority Startups in Atlanta

We remain pivotal in the growth of early stage companies.

Our Process

Early Investment

Our portfolio is comprised of early stage companies that need pre-seed and angel investments to refine minimum viable products, launch, or scale growth.


To ensure the success of the portfolio, companies undergo extensive mentorship and rigorous due diligience that prepares them from any stage.


Our focus is on high growth companies that have completed the Accelerate Program at Bantunium Labs or graduated from Founder Institute Atlanta Chapter.


For Atlanta Metro, By Atlanta Metro. Our firm focuses on the needs of our immediate area, giving us leverage to directly invest and impact our community.

Our Membership

There are many options for different kinds of investors. We want to connect new investors with pros.


  • Yearly investment up to $5000
  • Equity Pool Investment
  • Min. $2500 funding per year
  • For novice investors


  • Yearly investment up to $5000
  • Secondary priority to deal flow
  • Min. $10000 funding per year
  • For non-accredited investors


  • No Yearly Investment Limits
  • Lead priority to deal flow
  • Min. $100000 funding per year
  • For accredited investors